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Your child refuses to eat but a few foods? Plenty of parents complain of this frustrating problem, but there are simple steps you can follow to help overcome it.

⦁ Focus on Yourself:
Often, parents do what their child wants in order to avoid a mealtime fight… It’s a trap! Focus on the cues you give because they affect how your kid feels about food. You should:

⦁ Respect Your Child’s Opinion: Don’t force-feed a child who claims to be full or not hungry; force-feeding creates eating disorders that undermine the child’s senses of hunger or satiety.
Also, Children’s palates are very sensitive, so maybe your child simply doesn’t like the food. Just roll with it and ignore this food for a while.
⦁ Be Patient and Persistent: Food rejection is a natural part of a child’s development. Children may need repeated exposure to the same food before they’re willing to even taste it. Don’t let it get to you, keep calm, hide your anxiety and try again later!
⦁ Be a role model: Your children will most likely eat what they see you eat. Make sure everyone at the table eats from the food you are serving.

Establish a Routine

Experts believe that most picky eaters snack throughout the day, thus getting full before main meals. Prevent this by being consistent in providing meals and snacks at the same time and place every day.

Start Small

⦁ Introduce new foods in tiny portions only (1/2tsp), leaving the child free to have more.
⦁ Introduce them during snack time; the child who refuses to eat will probably get hungry by next mealtime and will be likely to eat what you serve.

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